Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to promote Nationalism among each and every Proud Bhartiya so that the Sanatani values, which is the only guarantee of peace, love and preservation of our nature, be infused in the present generation that would be inherited by the posterity.

Our Mission is to bring the Truth of our distorted history and present before our ignorant generation the glorious culture and heritage to be proud about.

From our Channel WSPK [We Support Pushpendra Kulshreshtha]

Pushpendra Kulshrestha

Pushpendra Kulshrestha, is a well-known Journalist & Political Commentator. Expert on Islamic Terrorism, Kashmir, Muslim Communalism.
Born on December 2nd, 1965 in AMU, Aligarh, UP, India, he did his schooling from Lord Minto Circle High School in Aligarh. He did his undergraduation in Political Science and PG Diploma in Journalism from AMU Aligarh.
He has worked with Sunday Mail, Sahara TV News, Zee News, BBC World Service. He has worked with Pakistan’s first private news channel, Aaj TV as its India Correspondent for 12 years.
He played seven National Roller Hockey Championships. He has served as the Elected Secretary General of the Press Club of India (CEO) for four consecutive years (from August 2006 – October 2010).